Signature Clothing

Signature Clothing provides stylish yet timeless pieces – the essential building blocks of a modern casual wardrobe. 

Easy to style, the ready-to-wear label consists of transitional pieces including dresses, shirts, t-shirts, harem pants and sleepwear at affordable prices. Styles are beautifully finished with attention to detail and simplified sophistication.

Aimed at the fashion-conscious woman who has a very distinct style, the Signature consumer knows what she likes, who she is and what suits her.

Classic femininity and timeless designs is the defining feature of the Signature brand. Although minimalist and casual, Signature Clothing is bold and expressive, emphasizing the wearer’s public persona and making them stand out from the crowd.

Exclusivity is offered on all Signature Clothing pieces to make them more ’personal’ to the wearer.

Proudly South African, the production of Signature Clothing is done locally, thus supporting and empowering the local community.


                                                                                                    SUMMER 2018   

                                                                                               LAUNCHING SOON

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